Made for India “YouTube Go” Android Beta Version Released – TechInfo

Youtube Go

Last Year in September, Google announced a new YouTube App named as “YouTube Go”. They launched a preview of app on Play Store & allowed people to register for being among ones to get the app. Tagline of app is “Ab Mazze udao, data nahini” translation in English as “Now have fun without losing too much data”. Now app is available on Play Store & available to download.

They designed with main principles like:

  • To be offline first & allow users to download videos in their mobile storage.
  • Control over their data
  • To be social
  • Allow users to share their videos with friends without any data usage in the app.

It allows users to preview videos before to watch or download for offline, it prevents waste of data. Users can also choose resolution to watch or download videos.

Interested users to download app. Click here

Many analysts are now questioning whether YouTube Go will be a success because of Jio they offered low rates for high speed data in the country.


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