Google announces First Developer Preview Of Android version “O”


Android O
Android “O”


Present, Smart Phones are running on Android Nougat at 2%. Now, Google announced next version of the OS Android i.e; Android O. They released a developer preview of Android O. More details will be announced at Google I/O in May.

Android “O” Features :


  • Background Limits
  • Notification Channels
  • Autofill API’s
  • PIP for handsets & new windowing features
  • Font resources in XML
  • Adaptive icons
  • Wide-gamut colour of apps
  • Connectivity
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • AAudio Audio for Pro Audio
  • Webview Enhancements
  • Java 8 Languages API’s & runtime optimizations
  • Partner Platform Contributions.


Background Limits :

Android O improved a users battery life & device interactive performance. To make this, Google made a additional automatic limits on apps can do in the background, in three main areas like :

  • Implicit broadcasts
  • Background Services
  • Location Updates

These three will make a impact on the users device & battery.

Notification Channels :

Android O introduced a notification channel, which are new app defined categories for notification content. They have made a different kinds of notifications. Users can change, block the behavior of a each channel.

Autofill API’s :

Full form of API is “Application Program Interface”. API means a set of instructions & protocol for building a software application.

In these Android OS ‘O’, by adding a platform support for autofill. Users can select an Autofill app similar to a way select a keyboard app. It will stores users data like addresses, user name& password.

PIP for handsets & new windowing features :

Now users can continue watching a video while they are answering a chat. Now apps can put themselves in PiP mode from resume or pause state where system supports it & also can specify the aspect of video ratio.

Font resources in XML :

In Android O, apps can now use fonts in XML layouts.

Adaptive icons :

Now we can create a adaptive icons that system displays in different shapes, based on a mask selected by a device. System also animates interactions with icons, launcher, shortcuts, settings & overview screen.

Wide-gamut color of apps :

To display a wide-gamut color of apps, need to enable a flag in their activity. Load a bitmaps with an embedded wide color profile.

Connectivity :

Android O now supports a high quality of Bluetooth Audio Codecs such as LDAC codec. Also adding a WiFi new feature like WiFi Aware, previously known as NAN ( Neighborhood Area Network). Nearby devices can discover & communicate over WiFi without Internet Access Point.

Keyboard Navigation :

In Android O, focused on building a more reliable, like “arrow” & “tab” navigation.

AAudio API for Pro Audio :

AAudio is a new API’s that designed specifically for apps that require high performance, low latency audio. It uses like read & write data via streams.

Webview Enhancements : 

In Android O, enabling a multiprocess mode by default & adding by API. It will handle error, crashes, security & improved app stability.

Java 8 Language API’s & runtime optimizations :

By having that, we can improve the Android runtime is faster than ever before with improvements of upto 2x on some application benchmark.

Partner Platform Contributions :

For example, Sony has contributed more than 30 feature enhancements, including the LDAC codec & 250 bug fixes to Android O.

Some more features in Android O :

  • No Unknown Sources in ‘O’

  • Notification Badges in Home Screen

  • Pixel Launcher in Android O

  • Inverted theme :

To enable Inverted theme. Follow below instructions

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Display
  3. Go to Advanced, will find a inverted theme
  4. Now enable it.
  5. Menu will appear in dark colour.
  • Battery Menu in Android O

  • Settings menu in Android O

Which phones to get Android O??

  • Testing on the official Android Emulator 
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus player
  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel C Devices.

How to download Android O

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