Google, the most popular search engine giant has in it some simple tricks that everyone must know. Google Search has some amazing and cool things that everyone must try and so here in this piece of article I am putting together all of those search tips in this article, so you can make use of them and make your Google experience smarter.
• Type “weather” followed by your Pincode which will bring you the current weather in that particular place that you have enter the Pincode of
• You can even type “movies” followed by the Pincode to get the results of the various shows and timings in that area.
• You can easily find the definition of a word that you are searching for by simple typing “define” followed by the word you want the definition for.
• Enter the airline and flight number to track the current position of the flight and to know its arrival time.
• You can even type the tracking number of package like FedEx, Ecom etc to get the tracking link of the product.
• See the webpages or websites that are linked to a particular website by typing “link:” followed by your URL.
• To get only the PDF files in the results for the word that you have searched, just type the word followed by the keyword filetype:pdf. This is a better way to get the online manuals of various products.
• You can actually use Google search as a calculator, just type an equation and pressing enter will give you the result.
These simple tricks are very much helpful for daily usage and I hope you make use of these search tips and be a Google power user.


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